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Online Photographic Competition is back...

British Blonde National Photographic Competition


1. Best Stock Bull

2. Best Young Bull Born after 1st January 2020

3. Best Cow (In calf or with calf at foot)

4. Best Heifer Born after 1st January 2019

5. Best Junior Heifer Born after 1st January 2020

6. Best Calf Born after 1st January 2021

7. Best Cross Bred Male Born 2020 Sired by a Registered British Blonde Bull

8. Best Cross Bred Female Born 2020 Sired by a Registered British Blonde

9. Best Cross Bred Calf Born 2021 Sired by a Registered British Blonde Bull

10. Best Herd Photo- Scenic photo of your herd

11. Champion Animal


.FREE entry

.Classes 1 to 6- Animals must be fully registered Pedigree in the UK Herdbook

· Classes 1 to 6- Entrants must be paid up members of the British Blonde Society

· Classes 7 to 9- Are open to all

· Please take natural photos (ie. unhaltered, not dressed/soaped) of each animal you enter. Ideally a Side profile of the animal, and a photo taken from behind. Remember to fully show off your animal to the judge, this is your chance to shine!

· Class 10 is one single photo of your herd. This can be a scenic or quirky photo of grazing or housed cattle, from a single animal to a whole herd. It’s your chance to get creative with the composition of the photo in order to best showcase your herd/the breed!

· If entering professionally taken photos, please ensure you own the photo (Entries copied off photographers websites/social media accounts will be disqualified!)

· Pictures must be digital and be emailed to

· You must clearly state class number, name of animal, date of birth and exhibitor name on EACH image file you send in. Imagine files that are not clearly labelled will be rejected! We do not have the time to chase up which cow is on which picture!!

· All entries close on Monday 6th September

· Winners will be announced during the following weeks

· Entries restricted to 1 animal per class per herd

· Photos must be current (ie. taken during 2021) any found to be taken in previous years will be disqualified

· The Society hope to use these photos in future publications/promotional material.


· Classes to be judged by Ollie Naughton, Stonelea Blondes, Ireland

· Only the animal to be judged

· Classes may be split by age depending on entries


· Each class 1st , 2nd , 3rd

· Overall Champion & Reserve Champion

· Winners announced via Facebook


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