Virtual on-farm competition, Class 6, Calf born in 2020

So we have come to the results of our final pedigree class; Class 6, Calf born in 2020. Another tough class for our Judge Rolf Schneider, Germany, which has resulted in a joint first prize. Keep an eye out for our commercial classes which follow on from the pedigree section. Judges’ comments and Reasons Joint 1st -Lot 1, A Walker, Gleniffer Romeo ET. Here we have the oldest calf in this group. Above-average development, length, muscling, the strong foundation and also the head with the big ears, it make my hearts beat faster. I couldn't get past this Bodybuilder. Congratulations for this top bull. Joint 1st - Lot 12, Colin Taylor & Louise Patterson, Rockvale Remi. Excellent young calf, 5 mo

Virtual on-farm competition, Heifer born in 2019

And the results are in...for the Junior Heifer class. Thanks must go to Reed Rigney Canada for judging this class. 1st - Lot 6; J & H Turnock, Rosebank Penelope This heifer balances her muscle expression, length/depth of body and femininity in a very eye appealing package. Beautiful hip and rump on this heifer while staying clean through the front end and shoulder. 2nd - Lot 2; R Davis, Fronfedw Persephone A heifer that follows the type and look of my first place heifer very closely, long bodied, nicely muscled with a feminine look to her. Gives up some of the depth of body to the heifer above her. 3rd - Lot 8; CE & SW Mycock, Whitepeak Pennie Pitstop A very attractively built heifer, that h

Virtual on-farm competition, Heifers born in 2018

It’s that time of the week again… time for some results. Thanks must go to Rolf Schneider for judging this strong class of 2018 born heifers. Results and Comments from the Judge. This was a large class of cattle to be judged. I have to say it is a little harder for me today than usual. Therefore, dear breeders, it is always important that you take good pictures on which your animals present themselves in the best possible way. In this excellent class, I came to the following result. 1st Prize: Lot 2, L Corner, Lucyland Orchid. This heifer only convinced me on the last picture. Here I really like the strong top line, it is perfect, with the beautiful length and the excellent muscling. The mat

Virtual on-farm competition, Class 3, Cows

It’s time for some results... Reasons and general comments, from the Judge, Reed Rigney Canada A lot of very useful cows in these classes to suit many tastes. With that said I am looking for a cow that balances her front end with her rear quarter, and combines her length, depth and muscle harmoniously. She must also be feminine and look like a female, but needs to balance that with some muscle expression. In these classes I have tried to pick animals that have similar skeletal structure, though the body condition and muscle expression may vary somewhat. I think we need good base structure in our females and then sires can be selected to complement them. Similar to the herd bull class it is h

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