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A strong beef breed with expressive head, straight or slightly convex profile, broad forehead, triangular face, muzzle in proportion.


Unbroken wheaten coloured coat, varying from a light to dark hue with lighter patches around the eyes and muzzle, on the inside of thighs and on the inclined parts of the abdomen and canons.


Desirable characteristics


  • Upright stance with strong fine bones and well developed joints.

  • Deep chest with an arched rib cage.

  • Broad pelvis at the hips and the second thigh, well set tail.

  • Marked external genitalia and sexual characteristics.


Disqualifying characteristics


  • Bad stance, feet and gait

  • Deficiencies in breed and sexual characteristics

  • Insufficient development and/or poorly fed.

  • Bad temperament.

  • Broken colouring ie black/brown hairs and/or white patches.

  • Undershot or overshot jaw.


At Society Sales the inspector(s) are instructed to reject any animals with any of the following.


1.       Suspect temperament.

2.       Any hair colouring other than unbroken wheaten colour.

3.       Poor conformation.

4.       Poor weight for age.  Bulls have to be a minimum of 500 kgs and a weight for age is                     applicable.  (See table following).

5.       Under or overshot jaw.

6.       Insufficient testicular development. ( Up to 2 years old 30cm, Over 2 years old 32cm )

7.       Poor locomotion.

8.       Any infections or contagious disease that are untreated or still visible.

9.       Incomplete or inconsistent identification.

10.     If the inspector considers pre inspection clipping has been carried out to disguise                         black hairs he will reject that animal.


Any animal rejected for conditions considered to be hereditary will have their pedigree certificates endorsed with "This animal is not recommended for pedigree breeding".

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