Virtual On-farm Grand Championship 2020

It’s that moment you have all been waiting for… who’s ready for the results of the Grand Championship? As chairman of the society, I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to our judges Reed Rigney, Canada, and Rolf Schneider, Germany, for taking time to judge this event and also for putting Trophies forward for our ‘Grand Champions’. I would also like to thank you, the members for getting involved, and for taking the time to take pictures each week to make this competition a success, whilst helping us to promote the Blonde breed. Last but not least, thanks to the ‘Young Breeders committee’ who came up with the classes and the rules for the competition. Hopefully, by next year, we wil

Autumn Bull Sale

British Blonde Society, Autumn Sale, Friday 2nd October 2020, Borderway Mart Carlisle.

Class 10, Novelty Class, 'Blondes have more fun'.

It’s the weekend, so who’s ready for a little bit of fun… the Judge certainly was when he was judging this class and giving his reasons. Thanks must go to Rolf Schneider, Germany, for picking the winners in this class and for having a little bit of fun along the way. Placings and comments from the judge, 1st Prize: Lot 1, CE & SW Mycock It is written in the legend. Orpheus was able to impress people, animals, trees and stones with his singing before he descended into the underworld. Apparently he managed to get spoiled by this beautiful woman here. Here you can clearly see what a blonde is capable of. Beautiful Blonde, beautiful woman, beautiful sky, beautiful land…Complete program 2nd Prize

Virtual on-farm competition, Class 9, Crossbred Calf born in 2020

So we have reached the end of our crossbred classes, calf born in 2020. Special thanks must go to Reed Rigney who had the job of judging this class. Well done to all those who took part. Don't forget our Autumn Bull sales at Carlisle on Friday 2nd October and Dungannon (N.I) on Friday 23rd October. Comments and reasons from the Judge Outstanding set of calves to finish the Crossbred section and I am honoured to have been asked to Judge the British Blonde Virtual Show. Again I have placed these crossbred animals on the merits of their feeding and carcass abilities. A little harder to judge calves against each other that are six months apart in age, but there are some great calves in the young

Virtual on-farm competition, Class 8, Crossbred Male born in 2019

We are coming to the end of our classes, only a few more to go. Here we have the results for the Crossbred male born in 2019, kindly judged by Rolf Schneider Germany. Don't forget our Autumn Bull sales at Carlisle, on Friday 2nd October and Dungannon (N.I) on Friday 23rd October. Great opportunity to purchase a Blonde Bull… Why settle for silver, when you can have gold? Comments and reasons from the Judge 1st - Lot 5, I & R McElroy & Son. Enormously strong bull with an excellent meat set. Unbeatable in the hindquarters, great cover on the chest, in the back and has plenty of length. Very perfect. Today the clear number 1. Congratulations. 2nd - Lot 3, L Laird & Sons. Very good, above average

Virtual on-farm competition, Class 7, Crossbred heifer born in 2019

The results are in for the crossbred heifer class, thanks must go to Reed Rigney Canada for judging this class. Results and Comments from the Judge I have judged this class as a market class rather than breeding stock, though I think one needs to follow the other in type somewhat in order to have a functional animal. I tried to find literature on what type of animal is wanted/needed in the UK market, but there really wasn't anything definitive. I did find a paper entitled entitled Carcass grading and payment systems to improve the eating quality of UK meat, ( and it was an interesting read. I think at the end of the

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