Meet your new council representatives

Menna (Davies) Evans, Wales The family have been breeding blondes for over 30 years, and having witnessed and assisted with the development of the Fronfedw herd over the years I am now keen to put my knowledge to good use on the Council. With my experience in PR, broadcasting and communications I am keen to ensure that the excellent attributes and benefits of the Blonde breed are promoted widely in order to encourage a new raft of Blonde breeders as well as to increase the use of Blonde sires on commercial farms. I strongly believe that we need to ensure that the breed continues to satisfy both our commercial and pedigree breeders alike. Neil Barrett, York I own the Everingham herd of Britis

It’s A Blonde Affair At Society Open Day In Bristol.

The British Blonde Society open day saw droves of people from near and far descend on Bristol to take part in what was a very educational and informative event held at the Doncombe herd of David & Sue Knight. The day kicked off with a talk from local vet, Dewi Jones who emphasised the importance of herd health, covering a range of topics from fertility to dosing at turn out. Our next session was given by Richard Bartle, who demonstrated the various techniques that can be used to enhance your animal’s appearance. During the demonstration not a hair was left unturned as he combed and clipped the Doncombe heifer to perfection, to achieve that flawless show ring finish. Bart also emphasised how

Annual General Meeting

The 46th Annual General Meeting of the Blonde (d’Aquitaine) Society of GB Ltd will be held at Worcester Livestock Market, The Heath Meadow, Worcester. WR4 0SQ on Friday 20th April 2018 at 7pm. Following the Annual General Meeting, we have tables booked in the March Hare for anyone wishing to eat. Annual accounts are available by clicking the AGM picture above.

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