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New Council Members Update - Thor Atkinson

Abbie Westcott and Thor Atkinson officially became full members of council as off 17th April 2020. Our final introduction comes from Thor Atkinson.

My name is Thor Atkinson , living in South Cumbria , I formed the Newland Herd in 2016 with the purchase of our first heifer Felltop Joyce which I’m sure as you all know is a fantastic animal to start a herd with as she went on to win the Great Yorkshire / Royal Highland and the Royal Welsh. Since then we have grown the herd to 8 cows and travel the length and breadth of the UK to support and compete in shows. Although a relatively new / young herd my parents have been breeding Blondes for the last 20 years plus with their herd Arradfoot Blondes.

A little about me - In 1997 I set up Thor Atkinson Steel Fabrications Ltd where we concentrated in the agricultural sector manufacturing buildings / gates / feeders / trailers etc. we then moved into the industry of aggregates / asphalt / concrete where we rapidly grew into the national company that we are now which employ 130 plus staff covering product design / fabrication workshop / installation and repairs / plant inspections and Maintenance / plant hire / THOR Contract Crushing and also N&R Contracting for all types of demolition and dismantling needs . Thor Atkinson Steel Fabrications Ltd is now one of the leading companies in the aggregates industry in the country. Although we have never forgotten our roots in the Farming sector and continue to provide Agricultural buildings etc. across the UK.

My ambitions with the Blondes is to increase popularity of the breed and encourage breeders to get their animals out to shows / sales etc. as much as possible so as to give as much social / marketing coverage to the breed as possible. This enables us to promote the benefits of the breed to both commercial and pedigree breeders across the UK.

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