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Judge: Miss Abbie Westcott, Exmoor Herd.

Full Results:

Stock Bull and Progeny – The Bibby Cup

1st Milou (Huberto x Dormeuse) – R Joyce, Fiveways

2nd Polgreen Ivor (Druk Lance x Polgreen Deanna) – P Kingdon & Sons, Polgreen

3rd Silverwood Oliver (Aneto x Silverwood Lou) – D Skinner, Allacott

Junior Heifer

1st Tangier Sapphire (Fiveways Ollie x Doncombe Orzora) – S Gregory & Daughters, Tangier

2nd Bowbeer Sandy (Aaron Optimus x Bowbeer Olive) – A&B Bowden, Bowbeer

3rd Polgreen Shania II (Polgreen Ivor x Polgreen Jolie) – P Kingdon & Sons, Polgreen

Two-Year-Old Heifer

1st Fiveways Remi (Milou x Fiveways Mia) – R Joyce, Fiveways

2nd Poplars Ruby (Polgreen Hurler x Poplars Ivory) – K.J Renals, Poplars

3rd Bowbeer Roo Roo (Aaron Insengard x Mandeville Louisa) – A&B Bowden, Bowbeer

Cow and Calf - The Westlake Cup

1st Fiveways Megan (Doncombe Hendrix x Fiveways Harla) and Fiveways True (Sired by Milou)– R Joyce, Fiveways

2nd Kinaston Manuka (Bridge ET x Kinaston Greylace) and Allacott Trojan (Sired by Whistley Dollar ET) – D Skinner, Allacott

3rd Katem Nova (Hallmark Boxster x Stubbswalden Giselle) and Tangier Terranova (Sired by Fiveways Ollie) – S Gregory & Daughters, Tangier

Heifer Calf, born in 2022 – Exmoor Glass Tumbler

1st Fiveways True (Milou x Fiveways Megan) – R Joyce, Fiveways

2nd Polgreen Tequila (Nantygelli Leonardo x Polgreen Nancy) – P Kingdon & Sons, Polgreen

3rd Tangier Tinkerbell (Fiveways Ollie x Katem Nixi)– S Gregory & Daughters, Tangier

Bull Calf, born in 2022 – Exmoor Glass Tumbler

1st Allacott Trojan (Whistley Dollar ET x Kinaston Manuka) – D Skinner, Allacott

2nd Bowbeer Thyme (Aaron Optimus x Bowbeer Olivia) – A&B Bowden, Bowbeer

3rd Tangier Tigereye (Fiveways Ollie x Doncombe Orzora)– S Gregory & Daughters, Tangier

Judges Choice – The Cosdon Plate

1st Fiveways True (Milou x Fiveways Megan) – R Joyce, Fiveways

2nd Polgreen Peter and his crop of 2022 born calves (Nantygelli Leonardo x Polgreen Georgina) – K.J Renals, Poplars and P Kingdon & Sons, Polgreen (special)

Most Promising Young Bull

Hillhead Sambuca (Budore Utah x Hillhead Olivia) - A&B Bowden, Bowbeer

Best Large Herd – The T.R.R Turner & Sons Cup

The Fiveways Herd - R Joyce

Best Small Herd – The Stewart Turner Cup

The Poplars Herd – K. J Renals

Judge’s Remarks:

“I would like to thank all the herds that entered for their hospitality. It was wonderful for Ed and I to get a brief break from our farm and be able to walk around everyone’s beautiful herds. It was especially nice to see that all the cattle were so chilled out and perfectly comfortable with us walking around. Your cattle are a true credit to you all.”


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