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Virtual on-farm competition, Class 6, Calf born in 2020

So we have come to the results of our final pedigree class; Class 6, Calf born in 2020. Another tough class for our Judge Rolf Schneider, Germany, which has resulted in a joint first prize. Keep an eye out for our commercial classes which follow on from the pedigree section.

Judges’ comments and Reasons

Joint 1st -Lot 1, A Walker, Gleniffer Romeo ET.

Here we have the oldest calf in this group. Above-average development, length, muscling, the strong foundation and also the head with the big ears, it make my hearts beat faster. I couldn't get past this Bodybuilder. Congratulations for this top bull.

Joint 1st - Lot 12, Colin Taylor & Louise Patterson, Rockvale Remi.

Excellent young calf, 5 months younger from lot 1. Every breeder's dream. Legs, muscles are well above average and beautiful. The pretty head completes the package. Congratulations for this wonderful calf

2nd - Lot 10, L Laird & Sons, Lochhead Rachel. A very feminine calf with a very nice lines. Very harmonious with her mother. Very nice in the whole outfit. An excellent calf that is very popular. Congratulations to the breeder.

Lot 6 No. 3, I & R McElroy & Son, Ivaniskey Randy. A very well-muscled calf. A very good foundation, this bull calf shines with beautiful leg set as well as the matching head a real eye catcher. Certainly a good future breeding bull for pure breeding and crossing. Congratulations on this calf.

Well done to everyone who took part.

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