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Virtual on-farm competition, Heifer born in 2019

And the results are in...for the Junior Heifer class. Thanks must go to Reed Rigney Canada for judging this class.

1st - Lot 6; J & H Turnock, Rosebank Penelope This heifer balances her muscle expression, length/depth of body and femininity in a very eye appealing package. Beautiful hip and rump on this heifer while staying clean through the front end and shoulder.

2nd - Lot 2; R Davis, Fronfedw Persephone

A heifer that follows the type and look of my first place heifer very closely, long bodied, nicely muscled with a feminine look to her. Gives up some of the depth of body to the heifer above her.

3rd - Lot 8; CE & SW Mycock, Whitepeak Pennie Pitstop

A very attractively built heifer, that has great depth of body and a soft, feminine look to her while retaining adequate muscle. Gives up muscle expression to other heifers in the class, but is more balanced and correct in her overall makeup.

Well done to everyone who took part.

Don’t forget we have a number of commercial classes to follow in the coming weeks, so get out there, get snapping, and show the world what a Blonde can do.

Next up: CLASS 7- Best 2019 born crossbred heifer – entries close 24th August (please note all entries must be sired by a registered blonde bull, please provide sire's name and DOB of entry. Commercial classes open to non-members)

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