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Virtual on-farm competition, Class 3, Cows

It’s time for some results...

Reasons and general comments, from the Judge, Reed Rigney Canada

A lot of very useful cows in these classes to suit many tastes. With that said I am looking for a cow that balances her front end with her rear quarter, and combines her length, depth and muscle harmoniously.

She must also be feminine and look like a female, but needs to balance that with some muscle expression. In these classes I have tried to pick animals that have similar skeletal structure, though the body condition and muscle expression may vary somewhat.

I think we need good base structure in our females and then sires can be selected to complement them. Similar to the herd bull class it is hard to get a true appreciation for some of these cows just based on pictures, and I likely would have placed them differently in person. In the end great classes, and it makes me excited to get over there and see them in person when we are through this COVID deal.

Click on the pictures for slide show and info.

Class 3, Part 1 Cows born in 2009 - 2013

Class 3, Part 2 Cows born 2014

Class 3, Part 3 Cows born 2015 -2017

Well done to all who took part, great display of cattle.

Reasons from the Judge, Reed Rigney, Canada.

Class 3, Cows Part 1.

1st - lot 1, C W Shenton, Bridge Eliza.

A very balanced, long-bodied, long hipped cow that is well muscled while still retaining her femininity. She stands on strong legs, though it would've been nice to see her on the move to check that back hock set. Ideally, I would clean up her shoulder a touch, but she does balance that with an excellent hindquarter.

2nd - lot 6, R Davis, Fronfedw Isis

A cow that is well balanced with femininity, a long hip, and a deep rib. Another cow I would like to see on the move to see how she moves off the hock.

3rd - lot 9, R Green, Greenvale Imelda

She isn't carrying the flesh of the other cows in class, but she follows my first place cow in style, though she gives up muscle and mass. However her overall body structure and balance is excellent, and she has a feminine, fertile look to her. A very useful cow that offers some mating flexibility due to her structural soundness.

Class 3, Cows, Part 2

1 - lot 15, Colin Taylor & Louise Patterson, Gledney Is The One

A nicely balanced cow that retains her femininity while showing enough muscle expression for the flesh she is in. Again she is very correct in her structure, and straight in her lines.

2 - lot 16, S Gregory, Willowdene Jodie

Another cow that is correct and strong in her makeup, with a deep body and broody look to her. Although she doesn't carry the muscle expression that some of the other cows in the class have, she has a soft, maternal look to her. I would set her tail back as well as it does get a bit forward.

3 - lot 13, Lucy Corner, Lucyland Jellybean

This class gave me some issues due to its variation, and this cow in particular was tough. There is no denying the presence that she has; she looks powerful and yet retains some femininity. She is a beautiful balance of length, depth, and muscle with a long hip and is very correct in her overall structure. However, she does get coarse through her front shoulder and is likely a bigger, heavier cow than need be.

Class 3, Cows, Part 3

1 - lot 20, Rodgers Family, Hillhead Lady

I think this cow follows the trend of my other placings. She is correct in her structure with a balance of length, depth, and muscle. I would like to flatten out her tail head, but it certainly isn't an issue.

2 - lot 25, J Frame Gala Mariana

A cow that is similar to my first place & third placed cows in the previous two classes with the strong bone structure, depth of body, and a wide, long hip. She is a little coarse in the shoulder and her tail head is set a bit forward so she goes to second in this class.

3 - lot 24 I&R McElroy & Son, Classic Missy Belle

I went a little off-script with this one but was simply too much cow to keep out of the placings. This cow looks to have tremendous volume and thickness while keeping a feminine head and neck. She is a bit "piecy", and gets a little coarse through the shoulder and a little round off the tailhead. Others might have had her at the top of the class due to her capacity and mass.

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