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Virtual on-farm competition, Class 1 results

So here are the result, which you all have been waiting for. It’s been great to see the interaction and opinions on the previous post. As we said earlier this competition is all about the fun factor whilst giving us the opportunity to promote Blonde Cattle. Thanks must go to Reed Rigney who had the hard task of judging the class, not an easy job I have to say.

We have had another great entry for the ‘’Best young bull class’’. A total of 13 entries have been put forward. The entries are now with the judge, so once we receive the results back we will post another video of all the class entries, so you can all pick your winners before we announce the results later in the week.

1st Lot 2: J Weightman - Aaron Jaigo: This bull was the most complete bull in the class and for me the sure winner, well balanced and attractively made, he blended muscle, length of spine/hip with depth of body in an ideal manner. He stands on strong, square legs with enough set in the hock, a square hip, and relatively clean/full tail set.

2nd Lot 7: Alison Watt - Freefield Lewis: This bull gives up some balance and length of body/hip to the Lot 2 bull, but is built along the same pattern, with a strong top, square rump and clean/full tail set. Would be a touch more set in the hock.

3rd Lot 6: Whitepeak Blondes, CE & SW Mycock - Silverwood Len: This bull isn't carrying the flesh of some of the other bulls in the competition, but he packages up the traits I am looking for. His body is well balanced with a long square hip and good set to his hock. Not overdone in anything, but a good complete package without noticeable flaws.

Well done to everyone who took part.

Reminder - Class 3, Best cow with calf at foot or in calf – Entries close 27th July 2020

Results and reasons from the Judge

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