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Meet your new council representatives

Menna (Davies) Evans, Wales

The family have been breeding blondes for over 30 years, and having witnessed and assisted with the development of the Fronfedw herd over the years I am now keen to put my knowledge to good use on the Council. With my experience in PR, broadcasting and communications I am keen to ensure that the excellent attributes and benefits of the Blonde breed are promoted widely in order to encourage a new raft of Blonde breeders as well as to increase the use of Blonde sires on commercial farms. I strongly believe that we need to ensure that the breed continues to satisfy both our commercial and pedigree breeders alike.

Neil Barrett, York

I own the Everingham herd of British Blonde cattle together with my wife, Jess, and I have had a pedigree Blonde herd since 2002. My family has farmed blonde bred cattle since the late 1980’s, pedigree and crossbred, over this time I have seen many changes in the Blonde breed, some for the better and some that I feel need addressing in order to get the Blondes to where they should be in the forefront of the current market place. I feel my professional background as a qualified Accountant will help provide the council with a fresh pair of eyes when looking at how to move the breed in the right direction, especially in the current economic climate and the need to look at the best financial model for the society going forward, whilst ensuring the breed can fulfil its potential within the beef industry.

I feel strongly that we need to generate one single identity to be able to promote the breed successfully, it is also important that as a breed we unite as a collective in order to improve the popularity of the breed.

It is imperative that given changes in the industry such as reduced carcass weights desired by end users and the obvious continued need for easy calving high quality cattle we take these opportunities to push all the merits of the Blonde as a terminal sire for producing what the commercial and pedigree farmer desires.

Lucy Corner, York

In 2012 I bought my first British Blonde Heifer and started the Lucyland Herd. I have since completed my degree in Agriculture and Land Management. I now work for Genus ABS as an AI technician. I am keen to produce and promote quality British Blondes to the widest audience possible.

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