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We all have those cows that decide they want to calve in the middle of the night, and being stock-men and women we like to make sure that everything is OK and therefore we have got you a great deal on this calving camera system. This camera package is easy to install and excellent value at just £262 + vat. The perfect Christmas gift for your farming friends.

This kits helps take the stress out of calving, allowing you to keep a close eye on all of your animals on your phone, iPad or computer without having to constantly trudge out to barns and sheds – imagine not having to get up all night to check your stock? This HD camera kit is the very latest in this range, combining a 1080p Full HD IP camera with a powerful wifi transmitter, letting you view the camera over unprecedented distances.

Unlike other farm CCTV systems that use traditional analogue cameras, this pack uses a professional HD 1080p IP camera for crystal clear images day and night, sending the date from the camera back to your house on a Wi-fi bridge. This allows a massive step up in image quality. Not only that, but because the camera connects straight to your router, you can easily log in to your camera to view live footage using a PC, smartphone or tablet. Should you want to record, you can do this to your PC using software that comes with the camera. This makes it easier than ever to monitor your animals during this stressful time of year.

Because the kit uses an IP camera, it also means we can use more advanced wireless technology. This kit includes a set of Wi-Fi transmitters and should you wish to add more cameras in the future, the system will support this. When they have a direct line of sight, these powerful devices can transmit and receiver signals from the camera at distances up to 5km. Because they need a completely clear sight line in order to work, the kit includes pole mounts, so you can set them at an elevated height away from obstructions.


Product Summary

  • Wireless HD calving & lambing camera kit

  • 1080p HD Professional IP camera provides clear view of your animals

  • Long range Wi-Fi bridge transmits video up to 5km

  • 20m night vision allows use in unlit barns

  • Check on your animals with your phone or tablet

What's in the Box?

  • 1x 1080p Professional HD IP Security Camera

  • 1x Mains Power Supply for Camera

  • 4x 10m Cat6 Ethernet Cables (longer cables available if required)

  • 2x Wifi Bridges

  • 2x Mains Power Supplies for Bridges

  • 2x PoE Injectors

  • 2x Pole Mount Sets

  • 2x Sets of mounting screws

  • Tech Support Card

  • 2 Year guarantee 

  • Free Postage & packaging 

  • Free Bronze Support package to get you up and running

  • No Annual Fee (usually £15 per year).


  • HD Wireless Lambing Camera- Our farming camera kits have been used in the industry for years. This is our first system to use IP cameras providing HD quality and incredibly long range

  • IP Camera- Records digital video and sends it as data down a network cable. Much higher quality than a traditional wireless camera

  • 1080p HD- Captures and transmits video at 1920x1080p for excellent detail

  • 20m Night Vision- Camera's IR LEDs provide 20m night vision for use in unlit barns & sheds

  • Weather Proof- Metal housing allows camera to be used in exposed outdoor locations

  • Transmits Up To 5km- Uses Wi-Fi transmitters to send video, providing massive range. Please note transmitters need a direct line of sight to work, obstructions will significantly impact the signal

  • 10m Network Cables- 4 10m ethernet provide flexibility when installing transmitters

  • Mobile Access- Connect kit to your router to view the camera via PC, Smartphone or Tablet.

Additional options

  • Silver or Gold Support Packages - Offering more support

  • Longer Cat6 Ethernet Cables approx. £6 per 10m

  • These can be booked once your order has been booked through the society. The supplier will discuss these options when they make contact with you to finalise the order. 

  • Larger Units can be purchased with extra cameras if required contact us with your requirements. 

Order today to avoid disappointment.......

Contact the Office on Tel: 024 7641 9058 - Payment will be taken by card or alternatively post a cheque to the office

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